Photos of Historic Live Oak



#7 Thomas J Skierski 2012-08-23 00:05
This is a picture of downtown but once the buildings that are in the sinkhole are taken down it will never look the same again.
+1 #6 Michael Revels 2012-05-02 02:20
Hi. I was wondering if you may have some old Photos of the Revels and Crews Family who lived in Suwannee County, FL in the 1880s to 1920's One person I am looking for is Henry A Revels who died in 1902 in Suwannee County just north of Live Oak. I believe at the time it was called Suwannee, Suwannee County, Florida. I have a picture of 2 of his Sons. Henry Walter Revels and John Hardy Revels. Crews family I am looking for is Kezie Revels who married Cornelius Crews. They had also lived near Henry A Revels. I am at Intrest with any old Newspappers of them.
#5 Rich Sabonjohn 2012-01-10 08:17
These old pictures of Live Oak are great but there should be a some thing to tell what and where you are looking.
+1 #4 terry e. mccoy sr. 2011-09-16 15:35
live oak does not look as good as it did
back in the 1930's & 1940's
#3 lester mason 2011-08-07 11:51
I lived in branford from 1940 thru 1951 and loved visiting live oak as a child. we moved to tallahassee in 1951
#2 Amanda Law 2011-07-21 02:35
Does anyone know what the third picture is. It has the two towers in the front.
I was wondering where this was?
#1 Dion Hanzlik 2011-07-02 20:22
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